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Two neighbors exchange stories about their day-to-day thrills from home and outdoors. Both in their twenties, cyclist Bogart Amarra and photographer Nash Cruz share a similar rush of exhilaration; whether through extreme sports or a self-induced state of tranquility.

What’s your daily routine like?

Bogs: I wake up early, at around 5:30 am to bike to Makati just to have breakfast or coffee then head back home. Most of the time I bike for half a day and could reach a distance of 40 kilometers. In the afternoon I like to skate and play basketball.

Nash: I usually wake up after lunch. I don’t check my screen time, but it probably takes half a day surfing the web. I would play two-three hours with my friends, then would go from mukbang videos to weird realization things as Kylie Jenner would say, on Youtube.

Bogs, how long have you been biking and skateboarding?

Bogs: I have been skating for 10 years now, and it started because I liked playing this video game called Tony Hawk. As for biking, I bought my bicycle just last July, and since then I ride it every day. I can’t keep myself in one place, I always have the urge to go around and get lost.

What was the farthest location you’ve biked to?

Bogs: Antipolo, I climbed it from the south in an hour.

Nash: It sounds like a teleportation device, travelling quickly from one place to another.

Bogs: Yea, in fact I never expected to bike that far. When I got there, I celebrated. It felt like I won a championship.

Do you bike around the neighborhood with Nash?

Nash: I don’t skate nor bike, but I visit to hang out, shoot, or have my things framed by his mom. Bogs would always make me listen to this certain “genre” I like to call Antipolo hip hop.

How have you both adapted to the situation?

Bogs: I dedicate a lot of my time cycling. I like to set small goals, like aiming to reach a thousand kilometers by the end of this month. I’m actually biking after this!

Nash: I guess mine is more internal, while Bogs is trying to exercise his limits physically, I’ve been trying to do things that will get me moving mentally. I bought a terrarium recently, and it was me exercising my patience or discipline to take care of things.

Have you picked up certain hobbies or interests over the quarantine period?

Nash: I think with me, it’s more on self-reflecting. Taking a step back and relinking to my younger self. I’ve also been reading books.

Bogs: Just like what Nash mentioned–on relinking to my younger self–this also why I have been skateboarding, to reconnect with my childhood. I also feel a great amount of adrenaline rush, but when I’m biking it’s not only that, “nabubudol ako” (I feel hypnotized). I would be biking for 6 hours without realizing it.

Nash: Sort of like a robot programmed just to bike, until you’re low on battery. There are times when I do get an adrenaline rush, not from biking though, but from playing video games. As surrealist as it sounds, I guess what happens digitally can manifest physically.

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